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Een absolute aanrader voor moderne bedrijven die vooruit willen!;;;Innoveren kan op duizend en één manieren. De kunst is om op zoek te gaan naar uw eigen stijl en uw eigen 'road to innovation' die de balans houdt tussen creativiteit en discipline;;;De verschillende niveaus van innovatie op een rijtje: het team en de mensen, projecten, business units, ondernemingen en ecosystemen;;;Het geheel is een overzicht van een reeks inspirerende innovatiestrategieën, maar de hoofdstukken kunnen ook perfect apart gelezen worden Innovations are everywhere - and they matter. They matter because they change our lives, for better or worse, and because they are the source of long-term growth. But is innovation always the best policy? Is 'now' necessarily the best time to innovate? And how exactly should we go about it? This book seeks to provide the answers to some of these questions. It is not a detailed manual for innovation, since experience suggests that there is no such thing as a simple set of successful innovation recipes, which work at all times and in all places. For this reason, the book - written for practising managers and students of company-level innovation- uses a case-based methodology from which readers can learn practical lessons. At the same time it provides examples of creative approaches followed by less publicly well-known, high-impact SME innovators, or by leading well-established firms applying less known, high-impact innovation strategies. It shows how innovators as diverse as Bongo, GreenPan, Studio 100, Cronos, Belgacom Mobile, Arteconomy, QOD, Sigasi, VIB, Janssen Pharmaceutica, and Alcatel-Lucent - companies which range from big to small, high-tech to low-tech, new to old, product-based to service-based, well known to less well known - have succeeded in completing their innovation journey. The cases discuss topics as varied as creativity, growth, product leadership, business model change, as well as finance and commercialisation. There are many possible roads to innovation. Successful innovation means defining your own road. The purpose of this book is to help you plan your journey along your own particular route.

Auteur Philippe Silberzahn
ISBN 9789020996937 Bindwijze Digital download
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The Balancing act of Innovation (E-boek)
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Betrokkenen Auteur: Philippe Silberzahn
Auteur: Philippe Silberzahn, Philippe
Auteur: Walter Van Dyck
Auteur: Walter Van Dyck, Walter
ISBN 9789020996937
Bindwijze Digital download
Jaar uitgave 2011
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